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Interested in buying your first home?Get help and expert guidance from THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM

Becoming a home owner is an exciting, stressful, and potentially confusing landmark in life. When you partner with THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM, we embark on the home ownership journey as a team. With expertise in the Calgary real estate market and the home buying process, we reduce your stress and eliminate the confusion that surrounds the biggest decisions you need to make.

Working as a team means that we take your needs, goals and questions into consideration when finding the right home for you. You benefit from our knowledge of Calgary’s communities and the unique details of each home that you might otherwise miss. We will advise you based on your budget, and provide transparency of the individual costs that comprise the final price of your new home.

THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM will help you navigate:

  • Legal Paperwork & Closing Costs
    Including land registration, title insurance, brokerage fees etc.
  • Property Selection
    Does the property meet your needs in terms of location, school zones, walkability, amenities, and exposure?
  • Mortgage Approvals
    Using our mortgage calculator and our connections with professional providers In Calgary
  • Home Improvements
    What does the home you love need? What can you afford to do immediately?
  • Home Inspections
    Work with individuals we know and trust in Calgary to ensure your new home is safe
  • Home Insurance
    Protect your most significant asset with the help of our trusted providers.

Get started on the journey of home ownership with partners and advisors you can trust. THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM is here to ensure a smooth process and outcomes that our clients are excited about.

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peace of mind guaranteed
The Phil Lepage Team

Working with us guarantees peace of mind. We go the extra mile to find the right home for you, one that's close to schools, shopping centers, restaurants, parks, your job, and anything else in the Calgary area that's important to you and your family. Once we find your ideal property, our professional team will handle the logitics to ensure a stress free experience.

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As one of the top real estate teams in Calgary, we can say with assurance that THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM truly knows the city and its unique market. We will guide you to the best neighbourhoods, provide you with demographic information, and offer you a comprehensive realty service to help secure your desired home at the best possible price.

Find Your Community
Find a condo in the city or a home that’s part of a great community
Explore Brittania
a small town of about 1,000 residents

One of the areas that I know well in the Calgary area is Britannia. There are many wonderful things about living in this area that isn't always featured in the media, or listed on a real estate map. Some of the things that I love about this area include shops, stores, restaurants and little perks that only locals know.

If you've never visited family friendly Britannia before, you'll love this area, it's a small town of about 1,000 residents. Besides having Lebonya on one side and Altadore on the other you will also find plenty of parks, Rivers, shopping malls, and anything else that you could want for your family or life with an easy access.

Another benefit of Britannia is that there’s also plenty of things to do including many luxury homes that are also close to the Elbow River.

Sadly, every year many people overpay for homes in Britannia because they don't know the local west real estate market and are willing to overpay for a house just for the privilege of living there.

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Navigating the Calgary real estate market without professional guidance is time consuming, stressful, and subject to a high level of risk. 

THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM has real estate professionals with time-earned experience ready to help you enter the real estate market. Whether you are looking to move to a new home, purchase an investment property, or buy your first apartment, we are here to help. Place your trust in a reputable real estate team when considering buying or selling in Calgary.


  • Top producing Calgary brokerage per realtor since 2001. Professional connections and active clients even in a tough market.
  • Work with THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM to get professional advice and an added advantage when he helps you buy.
  • Professional listing, marketing, and negotiating services come standard when you list your home with THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM
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I found working with THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM for the sale of my home to be a rewarding and a smooth process. I especially appreciated their timely attentiveness to my queries - day or night. Everyone involved in this life event went above and beyond my expectations.

- Paula

THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM is a first rate, professional, real estate team with a very considerable depth of knowledge in their industry. All of our dealings and advice from this team have been extremely valuable and very accurate. Their level of communication is second to none, you are never left wondering about the status of your situation. I would highly recommend THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM for all your real estate needs.

- Bill