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I found working with THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM for the sale of my home to be a rewarding and a smooth process. I especially appreciated their timely attentiveness to my queries - day or night. Everyone involved in this life event went above and beyond my expectations.

– Paula

We used THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM for the sale of our home, and we are glad we did. Phil and his team handled everything down to the finest of details quickly and efficiently.

– Andrew & Nicole

My wife and I moved to Calgary knowing very little about the local real-estate market. We approached Phil for the not-so-simple task of facilitating the purchase of our first home. Our goal was to find something with adequate space, not too far from the City and nestled in a friendly neighborhood. Through early discussions, and a review of our preliminary list of potential properties, Phil determined exactly what we were looking for. He was extremely knowledgeable, informative and answered all our questions without bias. It was not long before we found a special place to call home. If you are looking for an experienced professional to help buy or sell your home in Calgary we suggest reaching out to THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM.

– Mark & Danielle

THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM is a first rate, professional, real estate team with a very considerable depth of knowledge in their industry. All of our dealings and advice from this team have been extremely valuable and very accurate. Their level of communication is second to none, you are never left wondering about the status of your situation. I would highly recommend THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM for all your real estate needs.

– Bill

  • I went to ReMax for a number of reasons, one they are a very well-known reputable company (2) I know the representatives as they are exceptionally professional and trustworthy and (3) trust is a huge requirement for me as I am a single mom and unfortunately for some they think we are a pushover. However, I am not that oblivious to the real estate market as this wasn’t my primary home I was selling. They say it is wise to get two quotes and in this case, it definitely was. I had two reps come to look at the house to give me a quote and fortunately I knew what the house was worth, but I needed the numbers from the professionals before I made my decision as to which one was going to do the job right for me. First rep who was highly recommended from a friend quoted me a much lower asking price and they weren’t going to budge on that number. I argued my point, but they weren’t willing to bring the price up. Second rep from THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM (Phil Lepage himself) with all his integrity knew exactly what that house was worth in the city of Calgary and had no intentions of taking advantage of the single mom to make a quick sale or maybe lowball, buy it himself and flip, just saying. Phil was more interested in getting me the full value of my house to make sure everyone was happy, including the buyer. Phil took the time to make a few adjustments to the house to make the house more presentable at no cost to me, things a single mom couldn’t do, like fix a few doors, drawers and other aesthetics as well. Photographs taken of the house were a real help as well. Phil sold the house with in three weeks approximately and for. Furthermore, I didn’t have to argue my point, why should I have to, Phil knows his stuff… I would highly recommend THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM without a doubt.

    – Marcia

  • I listed my home with THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM during a turbulent time in the Calgary housing market.

    I researched Phil's website page and thought it provided good information about selling and buying a home and their aproach.  They did a great job of the market comparisons and providing all the details of selling a home.

    We agreed on a selling price and listed my home.  Their office did a good job of keeping me up today with the comments from the open houses and showings.  As time went on we had to reevaluate the market conditions and make adjustments, which we  agreed with. The end result was my home was sold for a reasonable price considering the times.

    I was happy working with THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM their professional approach and especially dedication to get the job done.

    – Eamonn

  • We worked with Phil to sell our home, and had a great experience.  Right from the start, Phil helped us identify ways to get the most value for our home, and created beautiful marketing materials.

    The level of communication throughout the process exceeded our expectations.  The team proactively kept us informed of showings and feedback, and if we ever had any questions or concerns, responded right away.

    We felt that Phil was truly acting in our best interest, and even though we had several early offers, he actually advised us against them because they were too low.  We really appreciated his knowledge, advice and trustworthiness.

    Phil has great negotiation skills, and we were happy with the final price and terms.  He was especially great in the challenging, unpredictable Calgary market of 2015.  Phil and the team even helped us arrange the sale of some of the furnishings in the home.  In the end, we were very happy with all aspects of the sale of our home.  We have bought and sold homes before, and this was the best experience that we have had.

    We would strongly recommend Phil, Cathy and the rest of the team to our friends and family anytime.

    – Michael & Paula



Navigating the Calgary real estate market without professional guidance is time consuming, stressful, and subject to a high level of risk. 

THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM has real estate professionals with time-earned experience ready to help you enter the real estate market. Whether you are looking to move to a new home, purchase an investment property, or buy your first apartment, we are here to help. Place your trust in a reputable real estate team when considering buying or selling in Calgary.


  • Top producing Calgary brokerage per realtor since 2001. Professional connections and active clients even in a tough market.
  • Work with THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM to get professional advice and an added advantage when he helps you buy.
  • Professional listing, marketing, and negotiating services come standard when you list your home with THE PHIL LEPAGE TEAM
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